Best Leather Camera Bag

We look at some of best leather camera bags for carrying your DSLRs, lenses and photography equipment. Get the right bag for your camera and make sure it stands the test of time by checking out these stylish and genuine leather camera bags for photographers in 2018!

1. Koolertron Waterproof Vintage DSLR Bag (Antique Brown)

Best Leather Camera Bag

The craftsmanship of this bag is superb and its material is truly out of this world. That is, its waterproof aspect holds out really well. Even though its price tag is just $39.99, the bag looks lux.

This DSLR bag isn’t just lightweight and sturdy; it’s safe and secures your camera since its front buckles guarantee this. And if you like straps, then you’re in luck because you can have it adjusted.

Its inside is padded with the compartments adjusted such that you can fit both the camera and its lens separately; or even fit the camera and lens together as an assembled unit. Overall, the Koolertron Antique Brown bag is awesome, and with a price you can’t beat.

2. Kattee Men’s DSLR SLR Vintage Canvas Leather Bag

Best Leather Camera Bag for DSLR

This bag comes with self-adhering padded dividers, for interior customization. It also has soft liners that protect your camera (and any other electronic) from damage.

Its structure is simple, thus making it an easier to use leather DSLR bag. The Kattee bag has been built with brass buckles for quick locking. It has been designed with metal buttons, cowhide fasteners, and shoulder straps.

The best thing about the bag is its roomy space whereby you get to fit anything miscellaneous in it; from business cards, memory cards, etc.

3. Portage Genuine Leather Shoulder Strap Bag for DSLR

Leather Camera Bags

This is perfect for those looking for something small and petite enough to carry around without much strife or inconvenience. It actually fits two lenses and a single DSLR. But with an additional space for your accessories.

The leather camera bag’s material is 100 percent oil pull leather. It has been built with an adjustable string that secures the interior flaps, which offers additional safety. Its sturdy structure makes it ideal for active photographers.

The bag is an inspiration of European designs, hence a unique and a standing out model. It can be a great gift for a photography enthusiast.

4. Kattee Men’s DSLR/SLR Vintage Messenger Bag, Canvas Leather

DSLR Leather Camera Bag

This is a perfect camera bag for those who love adventures and are wild. This is because the bag is sturdy enough and built to protect not only the DSLR camera but also whichever accessories you might have.

It comes with a built-in microfiber cloth that’s meant to protect the camera’s LCD screen – something you won’t find in most leather camera bags out there. It has been designed with fasteners made from cowhide, making it strong and comfortable at the same time.

5. Koolertron Waterproof Vintage DSLR Messenger Bag (Camel)

DSLR Camera Bags made of Leather

It comes built with soft cushion walls that allow for easy carrying of important documents such as a passport. The cushion is actually not attached to the bag’s wall, and it’s on the outside thus making things easier to grab, as well as guaranteeing safety.

Is it for the ladies or men? Well, it’s a gender neutral bag and its “boxy” nature is what makes it less of a purse, thus perfect for men too. As far as camera bags go, this one might seem a little bit like a handbag, but we think it’s pretty understated and manly in a modern kind of way!

Also, its flat bottom makes the bag easier to handle especially when you’re sitting down. And it fits and stores perfectly under airplane seats.