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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
DSLR Basics

DSLR Basics

Get to know your DSLR basics with these informative articles on digital camera operation. Explore how DSLR camera bodies function and why interchangeable lenses are so useful. And find out about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and photo editing techniques.

example of photograph edited with Photoshop


Adding film grain In this guide to digital photo editing, we show you how to add film grain to an image to get impressive creative effects on your final photograph Digital noise is...
Camera pointing towards you

The Camera

Introduction to a DSLR Camera The Front Your DSLR is a wonderful but intimidating array of buttons, dials, screens and wheels. What do they all do? 1. Shutter release Press this to take your photo....
camera lens for DSLR up close


The beauty of DSLR is that you can attach a different lens to your camera depending on what and where you're planning to photograph Now that you’ve bought your DSLR and understand...
spinning windmills showing different shutter speeds

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed controls the amount of movement in a photo, be it a sporting freeze frame or a dramatic night shot "Blurry images are the result of either you or the subject...
ISO on a camera


Changing the ISO is the DSLR equivalent of changing film speed in a conventional camera What is ISO? You’ve probably seen an ISO or ASA number associated with a roll of film. This...
getting the white balance right

White Balance

White balance and colour temperature are really quite simple to get to grips with as you'll find out in this starters' guide to white balance What is white balance? Imagine if you had...
The aperture is the space through which light passes


In the first in a series of starters' guides for new DSLR users, we explain the principles of aperture and f-stops "Aperture is also known as 'f-stop' and you can think of...