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Friday, October 22, 2021


Our Features section brings you articles by professional photographers from all over the world working in different areas of photography. These photographer spotlights explore the art of photography and the use of DSLR cameras, lenses and accessories from a range of different perspectives.

Getting photographic composition right

4 Steps To More Strikingly Composed Photos

Have you ever looked at a picture and thought, ‘Wow, how did they do that?’ There are likely a lot of elements that contribute to it. The photo could be a...
Paul Scannell Photographing the Northern Lights from Iceland

Photographing the Northern Lights

Photographing the northern lights takes patience, a tripod and more than a sprinkle of good luck. I recently achieved a place on the NES Artist Residency in rural Iceland,...
Pier by Chris Van Essen

Photographers – We Are A Unique Bunch Of Individuals

Everyone has their own perspective and opinions on photos, whether a beginner or a photographer with years of experience. We all come across something new every day and question how to take photos.
African Rose featured image by Alex Floyd-Douglass, The African Rose

6 Ways DSLR Photography Changed My Life And How Africa Proved It

Sitting on the back of a 4x4, watching the scarlet sun melt away into the orange skies, over the vast, barren landscapes of the Eastern Cape of South Africa,...