the featured Syrp pan-tilt bracket accessory for DSLRs

A round-up of the best DSLR camera accessories on the market at the moment, including top-rated pan/tilt brackets, wireless remotes, recording monitors, speedlights, gel filter kits, reflector discs, handy recorders and lightboxes.

Syrp Genie Mini

Syrp is well known in the videography industry for its range of motion control and panning control systems. The Syrp Genie Mini is one of the most economically priced items in their catalogue. The Syrp Genie Mini is a compact motion control system designed for shooting time lapses, videos and other footages. The Syrp Genie Mini is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 8.8 lb. The system has a maximum speed of 360 degrees in 33 seconds flat.

Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote (Infrared)

A wireless remote system comes in handy when you don’t want to touch your camera and in the process accidentally knock it over. There are of course the cable versions. But the wireless version is much more useful when you are standing further away. Up to 16’ away. Especially when shooting long exposures and or star trails with yourself in the middle of the frame. The wireless remote supports bulb exposure. Therefore it is very useful when shooting long exposures.

Atomos Ninja V 5” 4K HDMI recording Monitor

The Atomos Ninja V is a 5” 4K monitor designed to serve as an external monitor unit for video recording. The 5” touchscreen display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The monitor can handle 4K HDMI input. It supports 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes and DNxHR encoding. Standard SSD units or 2.5” mini units are supported. A number of Log formats are supported giving you much larger working freedom. The monitor works with a single Sony L-series battery.

Yongnuo Speedlite YN600EX-RT II for Canon cameras

Third party flash units are often much cheaper and interestingly equally powerful as their OEM counterparts. The Yongnuo Speedlite is one such unit. This particular unit is compatible with Canon’s E-TTL / E-TTL II systems. The guide number of the Yongnuo is a respectable 197’ at ISO 100 and 200mm zoom. The overall zoom range of the lens is 20-200mm (14mm with panel). The head can tilt – 7 to + 90 ◦. It can rotate 180 ◦ from left to right. It comes with wireless slave and master unit functionality.

Rogue Photographic Design Rogue Gels Lighting Filter Kit

Rogue is a leading manufacturer of third party lighting and lighting modifying kits. The Rogue Universal Lighting Filter kit contains a total of 20 different color and correction filters. One each for every type of lighting situation that you may come across. The color and correction filters are 3 x 2.5” (76 x 63mm) in dimension. The kit also comes with a flexible gel-band to attach the gel over the flash head.

Westcott 5-in-1 reflector disc – 40″

A collapsible 5-in-1 reflector is a very useful thing to have in your kit. With 5 different surfaces to work with you can handle a wide variety of lighting and shooting situations. The Westcott 5-in-1 reflector satisfies that need. The translucent material works as the ultimate diffuser for harsh lighting conditions. The black is super useful when you want to cut down on light spill. The golden is best for adding a bit of golden light to a scene. The white and the silver are both useful as fill light.

Tascam DR-05 portable recorder

The Tascam DR-05 is a portable hand held external sound recorder. Perfect for use with a lavalier mic for recording professional quality sound with your video bites. The Tascam DR-05 is capable of recording audio files in wav and MP3 versions in a number of bit rate. The systems is designed to accept TRS pins. So if you have a standard TRRS pin equipped microphone you will need a TRRS to TRS adapter for the mic to work. A standard TRRS to TRS pin is very cheap. The DR-05 has a LCD screen that displays all its functionalities. There is a 3.5mm headphone out jack to hear what is being recorded in real time. A mono mic is also present but the audio output quality is less than satisfactory.

Lastolite Joe McNally Ezybox Speed-lite 2 Plus

Almost every photographer uses a speedlite for shooting photos. And each one of them has to face the issue of blinding flash of light flattening an image. In other words each one of them need a way to soften the quality of light. There are many flash diffusers in the market but when you have something that bears the name of Joe McNally it certainly deserves a second look. The Lastolite Joe McNally Ezybox Speed-lite 2 works with most shoe mounted flash units. The size of the diffuser is 8.7” x 8.7”. The head collapses down for easy storage and transportation. The front diffuser material is recessed and the baffle inside can be removed.

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